Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Future grandparents

My parents have been hilarious throughout this pregnancy.

This is going to be their first grandchild and they can't wait. They are being so awesome and helpful. I have been having so much fun because I do kind of take advantage of the situation because I love being spoiled. They take such good care of me and I absolutely love every minute of it.

When we first told my family (the day after we found out) they couldn't believe it. I don't know why but they were shocked. I told Chris we should bring the pee stick because my family will want to see it. He thought that was weird but obviously he doesn't know how weird my family is. Ha ha.
My dad really really wants a boy and honestly Chris and I don't care what this baby is. We want it to just come out healthy. I just happen to think that I have a girl growing inside of me.

My mom is so excited she can't stop thinking or talking about it. She has already bought some small toys and little nick nacs. She cracks me up. A few weekends ago she showed me this Yellow SHOE she attempted to make by crocheting it but since she doesn't really know she only was able to make one and then didn't remember how to make the other one. HA HA!! She's soo adorable I love my parents so much.

I know they are going to spoil our baby crazy. Im so excited to see what Rudd baby is going to look like and be like.

Week 12

Didn't start out so bad. But I found out that I had to drop out of one class although I learned everything I needed to.. HA ! I won. just kidding, well I felt so bad because I didn't know about these "rules" but whatever. They didn't want to work with me although I've been pretty sick on and off throughout this pregnancy, and I'm sorry but my family and I come first in my life and everything else can come after that. So its okay I know that things happen for a reason and it was about to get real hard and stressful for me anyways.
Honestly though, it's not like me to quit my class and I really wish it didn't have to end that way but it's life and sometimes things happen. I know that me being pregnant has changed my life a lot and it's not a bad thing but it is what it is. We feel very blessed to be pregnant and I want my baby to be as healthy as we can both be.
Then the rest of the week was alright but the weekend literally sucked.
I was not a happy camper on Friday night. I had been feeling pretty crummy all week but on Friday night I didn't sleep good at all. My throat was hurting so bad and I could feel me getting sick. Same thing goes for Saturday, a very bad night of no sleep and then on Sunday I woke up super tired and in a bad mood. I was a little upset because I knew I couldn't miss church even though I felt like bird poop. We still don't know anyone in the ward and our NURSERY LEADER is sick a lot too. So greatttt there you have us going when Im in a bad mood and not wanting to play for two hours. Church made me turn my attitude around and it did go faster than last week but it was still rough. Chris did awesome teaching the lesson and we got through it alive. After church I went from bad to worse. I threw up twice. I havent thrown up once in this pregnancy till this Sunday. UGHHHH I hated it. Sunday evening I didnt eat anything besides Orange Juice. I have to tell you how good Chris took care of me. He just held me Sunday night as I cried and cried because I was sick, sick, and very exhausted. I felt so bad because I wanted to eat but couldn't. My wonderful husband made delicious steak, potatoes, and corn but I had to save it for the next day. BOO!
It's been a little less than a week and I still feel sick but not as bad. I can breathe better and I only have a runny nose with a little cough. I have been trying to take care of myself and get some rest.

Anyways in a nut shell Week 12 was extremely hard for me but I have been loving how much closer I've gotten to my husband. I know he'll make a great father and his patience is unlike anyone elses. Thank you Christopher I couldn't have done this without you. I love you and our baby. By May we are going to have a beautiful baby to bless our family.


Favorite OB visit

Chris and I went to our third OB visit and it was such a good one.
It started out normal. She weighed me, she took my blood pressure and then she took out this device thing and said we were going to listen to the babys heart. It was so amazing and every time I go to our doctor it feels more and more real. It was a very precious moment to hear that cute little heart beat that's inside my stomach. :) I can assure you that Chris and I are very proud parents. Then, after hearing Rudd baby's heart the doctor came in and I asked him three questions.. Which I had to keep saying out loud to Chris so that I wouldn't forget.

1. Can I get a doctors note so that I can finish my dental work before my last cavity gets worse?
He said yes of course and gave me the letter.
2. When will we find out what we're having? When will that appointment be?
He told us that he usually likes to do it around 18 weeks so since im on week 13 we scheduled the next OB appointment to five weeks from yesterday. :D That'll be the date we find out the sex. Thank goodness because I can't wait any longer. I don't know how people wait the entire 9 months- yeah no thank you I like taking advantage of technology. I believe it's for some people but defidently not for me. '
3. Dr I have this rash on the sides of my stomach is there something wrong with me?
He said no and that it's okay because it probably has something to do with the extra hormones in my body. He just said to take some benadryl and put some soothing cream (I forget what it's called but we bought it last night).

I got all my questions answered and everything is looking good. The babys healthy Im getting better and the good news is I'm a third of the way done. HIP HIP HOORAY.

I'll be posting in about five weeks, right before Thanksgiving what I'll be having. We are so excited and can't wait.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hunger dreams

Last night I had a funny cool dream.

I wasn't too hungry when I went to bed but the last time I ate before I went to bed was our Panda Express and the DQ ice cream cone we had at 6:00 PM and thats the very last thing I had. Then I went to class from 7-10 and then came home to do some photo editing on the computer until midnight. By the time we got ready for bed and finally fell asleep it was almost 1:00 am.

Then, the dreams starting going in my head. First I remember eating this delicious ham and pineapple Thin Pan Crust pizza!! YUMMMMMM . My second dream I remember chilli and corn bread and it was also delicious. YUMMMMMMMMMM. So I woke up wanting both those things. I got up around nine and had some cereal and banana with chocolate milk and then Chris got up shortly after and I told him about my dream so he also though pizza for lunch would be a great IDEA!! I was so happy he went and got me exactly what I wanted. He's so sweet and patient with me.

I think it's pretty funny that I kept dreaming and dreaming about food.
Im thinking chilli and corn bread for a meal sometime this week or weekend.
And some bannana bread, or some chocolate chip cookies. GOodness I am hungry again.


Love ya baby!

Week 10 & 11

Time has been going relatively fast. It's weird I think the days are going by slow and then the weeks just seem to go fast from time to time. I think it's my excitement with the pregnancy that it has a lot to do with it, and it's not even because I'm not staying busy because I am. I work, school, do some service, an active church goer :), and do all the family events. I am trying to be busy and not stay home too often although sometimes it's a must. If I can I take an hour nap to make it through my days.
Nothing much has changed besides that but I am getting really excited and anxious for my OB appointment coming up on October 18th! I can't wait to see how much bigger it is since the last time we went.
I can feel my stomach getting bigger and my clothes getting tighter. The nauseousness is still there but I know it's getting a little better right now.. In week ten and eleven it's been rough in the night time. I sometimes cry myself to sleep while Chris holds me because I feel so sick and want to throw up but can't. I haven't thrown up once but I had a very close call last week. It was sooooooo gross. I know this will all be worth and there's no doubt in my mind that this is meant to be with the perfect husband and at the perfect time but it's been challenging for me. I'm not used to feeling so low on energy and tired with a side of nauseousness to top it off.
Chris has stepped it up so much and has made me feel better. We have gotten so much closer because of this. Every day I am constantly thinking about how much our lives are going to change and how much I love this baby. I can't wait to meet him/ her and raise this baby.
Im hoping this baby is going to be very smart and active since I am always out and about.
I cant wait to spoil you my baby baby. Your father and I are getting more and more excited although it still seems surreal to us.

Monday, October 10, 2011

My daily struggle- food

I am having such a hard time eating.
Everything looks and smells gross to me.
I am always hungry and then when I finally get
some delicious food I just pick at it and eat
a little.
Now this doesnt happen all the time but it happens
like almost every day. It's been one of my major
struggles this far. I thought it would get better by
now and it does on some days and then it doesn't.
I am just going to try ad figure out what my body wants
and can actually swallow without gagging the whole time.

Keep in mind I have never been this picky in my life.

Don't worry I am eating as much healthy foods as I can.
I always take my prenatals and drink like 6 or 8 water
bottles a day. That keeps me busy with bathroom breaks. :P

One more week and I will finish my first trimester. YAY!