Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Last Day of February

I honestly can't believe how fast and slow this year is going.
I am so excited that in less than eight weeks I will meet my precious little Timothy, he is going to make all this worth it.
It is currently 1:00 in the morning and Im not the least bit sleepy so I thought I would post some blogs and update my pregnancy and life.
It has now been about three weeks since I got diagnosed with diabetes and I am doing much better now that I know what I can and can't eat. I am on a strict diet that I'm trying very hard to be good at. I have done so good at staying away from lots of carbs and the sugars. The Drs tell me they are so surprised that I've beena able to do so good and I can't explain how good it feels to hear it from them.

Let me just back up a bit. When I took the one hour glucose test they told me my sugar was so high that I would defidently be needing to go on a diet and get some insulin. This news scared me so much because I dont want to take shots three times a day. I already have enough things to worry about and to add this on top of everything would make my life so much more stressful.

We have been changing food and dinner plans ever since I found out from the doctor but I know it has been worth it. All I have to keep telling myself is that Im doing this for my sweet boy that I love very much.


Timothy Mommy & Daddy both love you very much.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weeks go by!

I feel like the weeks are going fast at times but defidently not smooth.
Im having a hard time dealing with my recent diagnosis of having GESTATIONAL DIABETES and HYPERTENSION. I was so sad that I didn't do good with my blood sugar.

I now have to diet hard core and not cheat for the rest of my pregnancy. UGH! I've been on it now for two weeks and I hate it. Don't get me wrong I'll do whatever it takes in order to deliver this baby as healthy as possible. I just have to try to be strong. As much as I am struggling I am trying to be positive. I always do but I feel like I've been having too much of a pitty party. I need to pony up and just suck it up.

And let the countdown begin. I have ten weeks left and that equals to about 70 days. I can't believe Im finally seeing a little bit of light at the end of this long tunnel. What an emotional roller coaster I've been on.

I must say my husband has been my one steady consistent foundation. He's so perfect. I love him and our son. He has worked harder than ever and he makes me so happy. He's had to put up with me complain and me crying. He holds me close and tell me itll be okay./

WOW it's been a while

Im sorry my poor babys blog is so behind but I've been busy.
Im sure he'll understand once I can explain,
Im working full time and now going to dr appointments way too much.
I promise to finish this blog strong. :)
I love You Timothy

and in less than 10 weeks Ill meet you