Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ob visit #5

Last week I went to my fifth visit and it went by fast. We just did what we had to do and he answered some questions and asked me about how it went with the specialist and then that pretty much wrapped it up.

I got weighed, measured, and they took my blood pressure like normal.
We listen to the babys heart beat every time to make sure the baby is doing good and he has a normal heart beat.

In all honesty this whole high blood pressure scares me. The more I read and learn about it the more scared I become. All I want is to hold my baby and make sure that he is healthy and strong. I want to make it without too many complications but it feels like I just have to go through this medication and I have to be checked out by a specialist, which for some reason makes me nervous and scared.

I need to just be stronger and remember that no matter what the Savior is there to listen and help us. I know it'll all work out like it's suppose to.
I am very gratefull for the opportunity to be pregnant and to have the family and friends that I have. I am so excited and apart from these little trials I am facing I am counting my blessings and trying to remain calm. I love my husband for helping me so much. I dont know what I'd do without him.

Week 21 & 22

I am getting huge! LOL I feel like I am growing at an uncontrollably rate. I've only gained about 8 pounds but I still think it's a couple pounds too many. I've got to save my pounds for the last month where the baby gains a pound a week!
I'm just kidding it's not that bad but I can notice my belly getting rounder and bigger.
My shirts that haven't been tight are starting to fill up. Chris is nice enough to still compliment just about every day and tell me sweet nothings. He makes me feel better when I just feel huge.

These weeks I've been feeling the baby more and more. I'm starting to realize that this shy little boy likes to move around and be active after I have a meal such as dinner. He also likes to move around when Im on the compute on the evening. It's really a neat feeling that I don't know how to describe. I would almost explain it like the feeling of the butterflies in your stomach but instead of being a nervous feeling it's more of a physical thing moving in there. They aren't big movements yet because the baby is only about a pound or so. But he's defidently moving and dancing around in there.
On these weeks I have been lazy and enjoying my time off from school. I have been trying to relax and just do me. I wish I could say I've been productive but I haven't been. I'd like to blame my lack of energy and me wanting to reduce my stress level on my blood pressure. Although I know I can be doing more. It's okay I just want to not cause any danger to my baby and I.
Chris is truly an amazing husband. I can't say it enough because I know he has to pick up my slack and help me out more. He is so supportive and understanding. I've been feeling a little guilty lately because I dont feel like I'm good enough for him or that I've been trying hard enough to be a good wife. I need to step it up and my goal is to have the babys room all ready to go by January but we still need to clear out that spare room we have. For some reason it seems so overwhelming to me. We still have like eight boxes and random things in there. UGHH!!! I need to step it up.
Also, the Holidays got in the way last week and now we are getting ready to go on a cruise but once I get back I will get back to work and organizing different things around the house. :D I just have to do it little by little and I know I can have it done in no time.

Specialist check up

So I went there a week later and he finally decides to give me my medication thank goodness!!
It's now been a week since I've taken it and I don't really feel any different. Hopefully this medicine works to help me with my blood pressure.
I have a month check up with the specialist and I am now down to a two week visit with my regular OB.
I'm so excited that I only have around four months left. I am hoping these next months go by super fast because I can't wait to meet our little handsome boy.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ultrasound pictures

The above ultrasounds were taken at 21 weeks.

Ultrasound at 18 weeks.

These are some of my favorite portraits that we have of our little guy already. He is too precious. I think he is going to be a little shy boy like Chris. At 18 weeks we went in to find out if we were having a boy or a girl and he wouldnt let us. That's why everyone kept telling us that we were for sure we were having a little modest girl. I felt like my predictions were being confirmed. But no! Its a little boy. I found out the sex at 21 weeks. I'm excited to finally know what we're having so we can start preparing the baby room and to shop for our babys things. EEKKKK I can't wait to shop till I drop. He is going to be spoiled. xoxoxox

Specialist visit

Okay so I dont know about you but going to specialist sounds very intimidating. I was so scared. I was just thinking in my head, gosh why can't I be normal like most of my friends and go to my normal dr and be done. But no I have to have this dumb high blood pressure issue.
To get an appointment I had to be referred by my Dr and the soonest they could get me in was two weeks. My appointment was this past Wednesday at 8 in the morning. How lovely!! I hardly slept the previous two nights because I had been working very hard on my final project for my art class. The good thing was that I found the place all by myself and that I was the first one there. I was very on time. :)
I waited for what felt like forever! SO annoying and I had to see about five or six different people. Finally, they called my name in and I went to the Ultrasound tech room first. Let me tell you it was so nice.. Big, and the lady that did all that was awesome. She took about 80 pictures with the ultrasounds and gave them all to me on a CD. :D I am very excited about that. She also told me what the sex is. I wasn't expecting to find out but I was super excited. So she found the babys legs and stufff.. and we're having a baby BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was in complete shock since I honestly thought I was going to have a little girl. Thats okay though because we are going to have so much fun with either. I was super excited that I just wanted to call Chris (since he wasn't able to go with me :( ) , but I couldn't because it said not to use your cell phones in the room. He was sleeping anyways. Then, after the thirty minute ultrasounds the Dr came in and told me everything looks good. After that I got sent to a medical assistant where I had to wait another 20 minutes only so she could take my blood pressure and tell me it was a little too high... As soon as I finished with that lady she sent another Dr and he interviewed me about tons of things and questions. He then concludes to tell me he doesn't want to put me on medication yet. He told me that I need to come back in a week because I will get my blood drawn today and theyre going to check my blood work and urine. Greattttt! So there I go and wait another ten to fifteen minutes so I can get pricked. YUCK, I honestly hate needles with a passion. So the last thing that they did to me was take a little tube thing of my blood. Finally, I got home around ten and I got to wake up my hunnie and tell him that he is going to be a father to a cute little boy. Chris was supper happy and then we called everyone to let them know.

What do I have to look forward to next week?? Well I have my regular Dr appointment on Tuesday and then on Wednesday I have a check up at the specialist. WO HOOOO who doesn't love the Doctors office right? Nothing like wasting a couple hours of your day. I know that I'm having the wrong attitude but it's very annoying to have two appointments in a week. Im just venting right now but honestly I feel blessed and not to mention blessed to have a little boy on the way.

Week 19 & 20

I can feel my energy levels go back up !!! I am loving the second trimester. I honestly can eat back to normal and don't gag everytime I smell something strong. I am very grateful for that. I can't tell you how good it feels to be over that stage for me.
I have noticed that people will ask me how far and if I know what Im having a lot more. That must mean im getting more and more noticeable. :)
My belly is rounding a lot more and it gets harder and harder to carry things and get into our tall bed specially if Im full. I have been noticing that the nights aren't the same. I still sleep like a baby but the way I sleep is getting a little trickier.
Im also pretty excited that on Week 20 I could feel the first little movements of our baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is amazing to feel Rudd baby. I am loving this baby so much. I can't wait to finally meet our angel.
These weeks have also been a little stressful with me finishing school and trying to cram a whole bunch of things I need to do. I've been busy busy with life and everything that comes our way.

But hey at least Im at the halfway mark, it's an amazing feeling now I can feel like I can start counting down. he he