Saturday, August 27, 2011


Yesterday I bought some new clothes. I found some really cute shirts that aren't maternity but they're so cute and dressy. They also have room for me to grow in them. Got three shirts and some really cute pants. I only spent $40.00, if you ask me thats a sweet deal for some really cute clothes.
Im so excited to be pregnant. I want the next seven months or so to just fly but I know I have to be patient. It's a good thing we have that much time to get the room ready and paint it - if we have to. If its a girl we wont have to do much but buy furniture and baby things but if its a boy we're going to have to paint it a boy color because pink isn't the hottest color for a boy. I wouldnt want my baby boy to grow up confused. Ha ha .
I want to do so much and I want to spoil my baby so much. I have to control myself and wait until they tell me what Im going to have.
Although it's been hard to sleep I cant stop smiling because Chris and I are blessed enough to be able to bring a baby. IM so thankful for him and our future. I dont know what Id do without him.
Last night I wasn't feeling too hot so I crashed out on the bed and I left the cake in the oven :( Chris took it out and it was no good. It's a good thing I have extra cake mix. so here I am baking a second cake. HA thats a pretty funny story.
Ill post a pic once I finish to prove I dont always burn everything I touch.

Love ,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Belly Oils & Cream

Thanks to one of my best friends in the world I was able to get some good advice about creams and oils for the prevention of stretch marks. Candice suggested I go to Hi-Health and get their JASON brand oil and cocoa butter.
I had no idea they sold those types of things but it makes sense because it has supplements and supplies for beauty and health. I had gone straight from class to the Hi health and I was so excited because I have been wanting to go get some goodies from there since I found out about the baby baby. I want to take care of my skin so that I wont be left with tons of stretch marks. I am willing to sacrifice anything but I am going to take care of myself and be smart.
I can't wait to use my oil and cocoa butter tonight.
I highly recommend going there if you want some of this good belly stuff. It's better to start getting use to this now than doing it too late when Im too big.

I am so excited I just want to go home and try it on. I know I am getting excited ove nothing but it's my first purchase to the baby baby. :) I didnt even have to spend as much a I thought. I thought it would be at least $30.00 but I spent half that much. I love it when I round up and end up spending much less.

<3 Perla

Next week

In my opinion I will be going on 8 weeks which equals 2 months!!! So i'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to be close to my calculations. I read symptoms and from what I remember of the cycle business that sounds about right. I hope it's true and if it is im going to celebrate and have a party!
But really I am praying and praying to have a healthy and good pregnancy. Sometimes I think I should've waited to tell people but you know what it's my life and I can do what I want. I will tell who and when I want, with the input of my husband of course.

On Tuesday I have my first appointment with my OBGYN his name is Dr. Tutt. I am so excited, nervous, and happy about it. I just want to fast forward for it to be Tuesday already. I will update my blog as soon as I get on a computer. I am going to write everything down. I have so many questions and I want to hear what the doctor says.

I still can't believe Im pregnant sometimes. I doubt me being pregnant for reals. I dont know why my head messes with me. I just dont want for anything to go wrong. I want to get the first three months out of the way. Everyone and books say that they're the most important so I am trying to be very good about all the small and big things. I wonder if anyone worries as much as me?

One more thing about the first couple weeks. I am so emotional! I have never been so sensative than this. I am so delicate and picky about things recently.

Here are the two best examples as of lately:
1. I cried because I was overwhelmed about some idiot using my card and going on a shopping spree. THANKS JERK! You made a pregnant woman so pissed that she wanted to come to your house and punch you. This made my account negative for about 6 days. I hope you get caught.
2. This last Sunday we were about to go to church and my car wouldnt start. GREATTT!! Who doesnt love car troubles on a hot sunny day. We had to buy a new battery when we have 209403820843 million other things to pay. I hate how that happens.

No doubt in my mind that last weekend I felt like the ADVERSARY working so hard to break us down. To try and bring us down and make us feel like we couldnt do it. Like your stuck and you cant get up. Even though they're small things sometimes they seem big. I've realized that once something good comes along you are tempted (or at least I feel like I am ) to feel down . Satan knows that we are happy and are doing what's right and he wants to break that. He doesn't want us to be happy but on the other hand you have the worlds best shield *HEAVENLY FATHER & HOLY SPIRIT* so I decided we need to step it up and be strong. We need to pray even more and read more. We will do just that. I want to be ready and keep the adversry as far away from my home as possible.

Baby baby I will do whatever it takes for you, we have only found out two weeks ago and we already want you to be here. I want to fast forward and hold you. We love you and I can't wait to meet you. I know the Lord gave us the oppurtunity to get pregnant at the perfect time with the perfect baby.

I am feeling so much better today. I made it through this rough rough week and it's almost the weekend and who doesnt love that?

Your mama

First weeks...

Baby baby!!! You make me so tired already ;)

My body is not use to all these hormones and body changes I'm experiencing. I've been getting so much advice, help and support with my pregnancy. As much as I love it I am exhausted. Sleeping for me has been one of the hardest things. I have so many emotions running through my mind. I have so much to do and I don't know where to begin. I need to just relax and take a deep breath.

I haven't gotten sick persay but I have days where Im not feeling too hot. The other night I was so tired and my body was soar but I just couldn't wind down. My stomach was hurting i was tossing and turning but I am lucky enough to have a caring husband that will do anything to comfort me and bring me water-even though we're both dead tired from our long hard working days.

The previous 2 weeks though I had been having some pretty serious heartburn. YUCK! I hate that feeling. I dont like that horrible taste in your mouth that you get. I've been eating crackers and fruit to help me with the horrible after taste. Honestly though besides that it hasnt been too bad. Every now and then I get super sleep. So sleepy I have to try and pretend to sleep with my eyes open. O JOY!

To top it off as soon as I found out I was pregnant is the same day I started school. I have over done it for this semester. I signed up for five classes, working in an office, and doing photography. WOW!!! I am excited for the semester to be over already. The good thing is that I know this will make the semester fly by and that means being close to have my baby baby. <3 This week since I can still get a full refund I decided to drop my least favorite class because of the teacher. She made it very easy for me to decide. I was sitting at work thinking and thinkin about my baby. I was thinking about what is best for the future and what is more important to me. I seriously had this knot in my stomach because I knew this was going to be very rough on my body. So I talked things over with Chris and we taked about my classes but then it didnt become clear until the next day. I could almost feel the weight lifted off my shoulders and a good feeling come through my stomach. That's how I knew I had made the right decision to take it down to four classes. :D The roughest days I have in monday and wednesday, im going 9-7 straight with no break. But the rest will be a piece of cake. I am being smart and eating in the morning, having lots of good snacks with me, and then eating once I get off. I am getting the hang of it.
I am lerning what I can and can't eat. The Do's and Dont's . It is tough. Never in my life have I wanted sushi as bad as I want it right now. Ha ha . I have never hd it but just because I know I can't thats why Im tempted. Im being very strong and trying to do everything for my baby. I am drinking so much water, fruits, veggies, and the prenatals.

Here's the purpose of this blog is:
1. To record, for journal purposes.
2. For Chris and I
3. For family and friends
4. And of course for my baby baby.

I hope this blog also informs others about pregnancy and all the fun things it comes with.

Love you BABY BABY

Monday, August 22, 2011

To our future baby girl or boy,

We love you so much !!!

We found out we were pregnant with you on my birthday (August 15th) and honestly it's the best present Ive ever had. Im so excited to have you and raise you. I love children so I just know that having a kid of my own will come kind of naturally to me.

Your father and I get on our knees every night and thank the Lord for the oppurtunity to bring children into this earth, we pray that you will be born healthy and strong . We also pray for us to be prepared and be good parents.

As soon as we found out we were pregnant we were so happy that we couldnt stop smiling. I had told some of my best girl friends so they could help me out with some advice about being pregnant or not. I have to say your mother is blessed to have the the friends that she has & family. They are always willing to talk and give me some awesome advice.

Your dad and I promise to give you everything we have, to raise you right, and to give you unconditional love. I love you so much already my baby. I can't wait to meet you my little angel. WE love you and want these months to go by sooo fast!

I will do anything to make you come to us safe and healthy.

I am so thankful for this oppurtunity to be pregnant and create a baby.

We love you tons

Your parents