Friday, June 29, 2012

Bath Time

You love bath time Timothy. I am so proud of you for being such a good boy and loving the water. Mommy and daddy are very impressed with how well you sit there and enjoy the water. You did not like it for a few weeks. Now you just kick your little feet and sit there loving every minute of it.

Timothys new cousin :)

Welcome Analicia ! 6lbs 1 ounce 20 Inches long born on 06/23/2012 You were born on your due date, thats very unique Analicia. We love you!

Having a baby

Have a baby and it will change your life forever. Seriously. I feel so blessed to have a healthy strong boy home with me. He is my everything and I can't wait for him to call me his momma. But for now him crying to tell me what he wants is just fine. Good night friends. Let's hope the baby sleeps more through the night. He still gets up every four to five hrs. I want him to sleep through the night so bad.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pregnancy Recap

As I'm sitting here with the baby next to me I couldn't help but think all the hard things I went through in order to have my angel. I'm not writing this so people can think awe poor Perla but I'm doing for myself and for journaling purposes. It's easier for me to type things thant to write them. Yesterday for Fathers Day Timothy and I surprised daddy with a new outfit, a video with our favorite pictures of 2011 and baby pictures, we also made him a book, and breakfast of his choice. It ended up being a 17 minute video because I have so many pictures lucky for me Chris didn't mind because he is just that loving. As I was going through the thousands of pictures I have already taken I couldn't help but realize I can't belive how fast 38 1/2 weeks went by and I am extremly grateful. That's why I'm inspired to write about a recap of the entire 9 months. This had to be one of my biggest trials that I've ever experienced. Let me explain. The first trimester I was feeling nausceous, i throw up many times, and I had a hard time eating good. I was also working and taking classes. I was busy busy and it made it hard for me to get my rest and feel good. I hated how smells made me go crazy and always had the feeling of wanting to barf even though I couldn't. After I got through the first trimester things got better and second trimester was awesome! I wasn't too big and I could eat more things and not feel like throwing up all the time. The weather was beautiful and I was able to sleep normal again. In between second and third trimester I got some pretty upsetting news. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, drs scared me so bad and I had to go on a very depressing hard diet. It's even harder to do it while your pregnant and hormonal. The reason doctors scared me was because they told me I would have to get insulin right away because I had some record highs with the glucose drink test. I had to meet with a diabetes specialist and then do NST tests twice a week, as well as do a fluid check once a week. IT WAS DREADFUL! I hated my doctors office not the first one (Dr. Tutt) but the second one is called PPA (Phoenix Perinatal Associates) I will never go back!!! Hated it with a passion. They were the most unorginized ridiculous place ever. Appointments could take anywhere from an hour to 4 hours. YEAH not even kidding either. Try doing that twice a week I wanted to blow that place up. It was so hard to wake up early on those days and want to go. I have to say I never missed an appointment no matter how tired, or sick I felt. After this experience I felt like never wanting to get pregnant again but then I had my little one and I can tell you that I want lots of little ones because it's totally worth it. They truly are a peace of heaven.